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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Pro Active Learning

Continuous sections and activities based on skill development take place in our academy. Keeping class live and enthusiastic is the main motto of our trainers. To keep the learner involved in the class, we give them tasks every second day to maintain the learner's interest in the class. We analyse the student's weaker aspects and then we work on it with all the major skills that would be required.  

Practical Techniques

We believe more in practical activities rather than theories. It generally affects the activeness and enhances the abilities of the learner.  Communication is the major skill on which we give more attention towards the learner, our trainers always come up with some innovative practical ideas which give courage to the student and that boost the ambience of the classroom. One of the most power-up concepts about practical increment is that we give them an outlet to make "competition". After providing them with several tasks we announce a completion in which it is compulsory to participate of every student.

Professional Mentors

We provide professional mentors to the learners by which they will get the help of getting the correct advice about their skills and related to their career. Getting proper guidance at the age of blooming is the most important part of every growing person. To get adequate suggestions related to their future one must need a well-experienced mentor for themselves. And this facility is given by us to our learners to nourish them and to stimulate their confidence.

Skills Academy

We aim to empower students to change the world

“Vocab Academy” is an establishment of a learning space, where a group of educators work together in a positive domain to enhance the quality of the learners in all the favorable aspects.Student’s booming growth is all that which we aim for.​

We are that ladder of the learner from where one can find their way to achieve their triumph. Decoding the conundrum of a career is where the person feels confused the most. And at that moment, we work for you like icing on the cake.

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Student Testimonials

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Khan Afiya
Vocab Student

Vocab English academy is a place where students will not only acquire to enunciate English well but will also learn about their temperament growths and all the upcoming tasks they have to observe in their near future.

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Vocab Student

English academy is number one academy in mumbra inshallah I hope In future vocab will have a lot of Branch in Mumbra

Vocab Student

I am Shaikh Kaif I am student of May Vocab , so this class i study from spoken batch and sir give us task to do conversation to stranger and A1 shopkeeper, so I did our task and this task build our courage and confidence, the way you taught us its amazing,

unnamed (3).png
Vocab Student

I am saud aslam kuravle from vocab english academy near by kausa jama masjid. Few words about vocab .vocab is a attitude and english language build class💯.

Vocab Student
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